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Ways Senior Citizens Can Live A Healthy Lifestyle


Living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important across all borders and ages. This is especially important for senior citizens, not to mention keeping an active lifestyle. Eating the right food and regular exercise would keep you healthy and keep you away from chronic illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. With a healthy lifestyle, senior citizens can stay physically and mentally sharp and can avoid depression. Maintaining a healthy weight would also be easy for senior citizens if they follow and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

As a senior citizen, your needs are now different from you were younger. Here are the tips for you so you can start living a healthier life:

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  • You should not avoid meals. Eating regular meals is an integral part of your healthy living. You have to maintain your metabolism, and you can do this by not skipping your meals. Skipping a meal would tell your body to take fatty food to sustain your activities.
  • Eat fiber-rich diet. Fiber-rich foods include whole-grain bread, vegetables, beans, and fruits. Eating fiber-rich foods means that you are less susceptible to heart disease and diabetes with fiber-rich food.
  • Low-fat diet. As you age, your body requires less fat. If you continue eating fatty foods, the possibility of you becoming obese is very high.
  • Bone-friendly diet. Your bones, especially now that you are in your senior years, need Calcium and Vitamin D more than ever. You can get these vitamins and mineral from a daily serving of dairy products. You can also get the same minerals from soy-based beverages.
  • As you age, your body would have difficulty to absorb vitamin B12. To help your body cope with this, you need to eat cereals rich with vitamin B12. You can also take supplements that contain vitamin B12.
  • Be a smart snack eater. You may need to cut down your unhealthy snacking habit and stay away from junk foods with high calorie and sugar content. Instead, you can keep dried fruit, crackers, or peanut butter on hand to keep your appetite under control, while keeping yourself healthy.
  • Keep yourself hydrated. You may feel the need of water is lesser than usual, but this does not mean that you have to cut back your water intake. It is very important that you take the right amount of water and stay hydrated. If you don’t enjoy drinking water, you can instead drink tea, skim milk, or coffee.

Now that you know what food to eat, you can go to the supermarket, choose the right food for you, and restock your fridge. Eating the right food, combined with exercise can keep your mind, body sharp. discover more…


5 Important Health Supplements for Women


Just like men, women are also committed to doing hard work and even provide pleasure to their significant other at the end of the day. In order to achieve this and perform at their best, essential supplements are needed for their overall health.

If you plan on taking supplements, then you should know which ones are the most important. The reason for this is so that you won’t be too dependent on such supplements that you have to take all of them in order for your body to function properly. We will just list you the top 5 important health supplements that are enough to keep your body moving and for you to be much healthier.

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So here are the top 5 important health supplements that women should take:


This is an essential mineral that is commonly found in dairy products such as milk and cheese. It is a supplement that is essential for the bones since it is the one that provides its health, especially on making it strong. Women are more susceptible to osteoporosis compared to men which is why calcium is needed to provide their bone the lifelong health that it needs.

Fish Oil

Almost any type of fish is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids and it can be commonly found in fish oil. These specialized fats aren’t normally produced in our body which is why they are naturally and artificially made. Women don’t eat enough fish and if that’s the case, taking fish oil can be the next best option for them to consider as their daily supplement.


This is a water-soluble B-vitamin and is mostly found in green vegetable leaves and fruits. Folate is an important supplement to make us look healthier and will allow our cells to make DNA which can be an essential component for it to function properly. It will also be used by our cells to produce new tissues and cells like the hair and skin.

B Vitamins

If a woman is physically active then she is able to burn more than 2,000 calories each day. B vitamins are basically essential in producing the energy that our body needs in order to cope up with daily life and tasks. As for women, it can help them reduce the risk of acquiring a heart disease by lowering their homocysteine levels. Also, vitamin B6 can help in reducing the symptoms for women who are experiencing PM S.


This supplement is part of a fat-soluble class of nutrients which are known as carotenoids. It is mostly found in green, leafy vegetables, and even in certain fruits. Lutein is an antioxidant that mostly focuses on the eyes and protects them from any free radical destruction and resulting in age-related macular degeneration which is known as the leading causes of blindness for women at a certain age. So if you want to protect your eyes at the earliest possible time then lutein is the supplement that you needed to go with.

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Pilates Knee Pain Relief Exercises


Most of us experience some sort of knee pain, in the past or another. There are different factors for the numerous types of knee pain that every individual has. You are able to experience knee pain because a outcome of a sports injury, an car crash, or an overuse syndrome. It will moreover arise with an innocent knee bump or a slight pull when you missed the footing. Whatever the reason is, you should recognize how it came into being inside prescribe to be specific inside knee pain treatment.

Major knee dislocations plus fractures that needed surgical intervention plus expert medical help do not get into this category until the rehabilitation stage. Other knee pain that comes about because a outcome of unbalanced patella due to firmness inside the Iliotibial Band IT Band, bump knees, bend legged individuals, knee tendinitis plus more is effectively solved with Pilates.

So how does Pilates play a piece inside treating knee pain? Why Pilates?

Pilates For Knee Pain Relief

Pilates, because a shape of total body conditioning training program, is each functional plus specific inside knee pain treatment. Below are the reasons:

1 knock knee surgery . Alignment
2. Articulation
3. Form
4. Muscular Strength
5. Creating Space inside Joint
6. Improve Range of Motion
7. Develop flexibility

When youre searching at Pilates for knee pain relief, maintain mind there are many methods plus exercises to perform, each at house plus inside a studio. These exercises can help strengthen plus lengthen the muscles to ensure that the knee becomes stronger plus more intelligent. It may bend with ease, plus without pain. At house, you need to use the pad plus combine it with a DVD should you wish. In the studio, you need to use the reformer to receive a greater benefit plus heal the knee quicker. Here are certain specific exercises that you can do at house at the studio.

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Pilates Knee Pain Relief Exercises with a Mat

Knee Folds: Lie in your back with the knees bent plus the feet flat found on the floor; making use of your stomach muscles, lift 1 foot off the floor plus bring it towards you; inhale because you lift inside, exhale because you return down; Repeat 8-10 occasions, then switch legs. Its important to focus in your breathing because you do these. Keep the stomach muscles fast plus the spine to the floor.

Kneeling Side Kick: Kneel in your pad plus pull the stomach inside while falling the tailbone to the floor; extend the appropriate leg directly out aside, with the bottom found on the floor; drop the left to the floor directly below the shoulder, exiting the arm straight; place the appropriate hand in your hip; lengthen the appropriate leg away from you plus lift about stylish height plus then swing the leg to the front. Do 6-8 reps about each side.

Pilates Knee Pain Relief Exercises with Machine

First Position: Lie in your back with the legs bent plus the pumps found on the bar plus the feet flexed; the knees could be squeezed together plus the torso plus arms are relaxed; because you inhale, totally extend the legs yet be careful not to lock the knees; exhale because you return down into 1st position.

Knee Stretch: With the feet flat against the shoulder rests, kneel found on the carriage; the hands could be found on the foot bar. Using the hands, drive away; thus giving the legs plus back a good stretch.

All of these pilates knee pain relief exercises can help to strengthen the knee plus assist you become pain-free. Pilates reformer exercises can provide you a bigger benefit by adding certain resistance, plus providing a broader selection motion. Remember the best breathing technique, plus concentrate in your knee because you perform every exercise. This shall help you achieve a mind-body connection and permit anyone to listen to what the body is telling you.

Once the muscles plus joints are heightened plus lengthened, you will be able to walk with ease. You wouldnt hear any damage or crackling inside the joints. As you become more comfortable with the routine, you are able to add more advanced moves.

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Residential Dumbwaiters for Service Lift


A dumbwaiter is a, generally, small scale elevator used to move freight and materials between floors. They have been around for centuries and were incredibly popular in the Victorian era. Dumbwaiters have been extensively used in the food industry which may be where the word dumbwaiter comes from. In addition to being found in the food industry, they are heavily used in hotels, hospitals, and large office buildings. Residential dumbwaiters have always been prevalent in our society, but because of the cost and expense of constructing one, where only found in larger homes. In recent years the price of dumbwaiters has been dramatically reduced and they can be commonly found without having to have one custom built by a contractor.

bar-984527_960_720In previous eras, most dumbwaiters were manually operated. They utilized a series of pulleys, ropes, and weights to lift or lower the devices. While the amount of work was significantly reduced by using the pulleys and weights, it could still be quite cumbersome to operate. Modern dumbwaiters typically use an electric motor to do the actual lifting which makes it much easier and does not put any undo stress on the owner.

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Modern dumbwaiters

Modern dumbwaiters use a series of call-send controls to send the dumbwaiter between floors. A simple push of the button is all that is required to send the unit to the next floor and it will automatically stop flush with the door. Most modern dumbwaiters use bi-parting doors that open vertically. They open in a manner that is similar to how an elevator door opens, but instead of going from side to side, open upwards. As a safety feature, a quality dumbwaiter will not open unless the doors are closed and it is important to not try to bypass this safety feature. The doors should also not open unless the car is present at the opening, so if the door is open and the car is not present it is important to immediately contact the dealer.

How to use Dumbwaiters?

While generally, the track system will remain free from obstructions, it is possible that something may obstruct the path of the car. A quality dumbwaiter utilizes a series of safety sensors and will stop if it encounters anything on the track. This is to prevent damage to the car and the track. Even with this safeguard, it is important to not drop anything down the shaft. If something does fall contact a qualified serviceman to have the object removed. There is a wide host of safety features present in modern dumbwaiters that are intended to help prevent accidents and improper usage of the device.

With the drop in price that dumbwaiters have undergone in the past few years has greatly increased their popularity in residential settings. Their popularity is not unfounded and is not based solely on the price, however. They add a whole degree of functionality to your home and are responsible for adding value to your home. If you have ever struggled taking clothes, floor, or other household objects up or down your stairs then a dumbwaiter may be for you. visit enigmapodcast for more……

Health Care Professionals


Health professionals, particularly those working in primary care, have an important part to play in promoting good health. The process of enabling people to increase control over, and to improve their health. Health education is important for preparing the well – being of the children and providing them with social skills.

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Their Concern on the Health of People

The importance of health promotion in schools is a key part of the role of the school nurse and often concentrates on exercise and healthy eating which can include fighting obesity and perhaps even eating disorders. It also helps to protect and promote the health of children through an environment and culture which is safe, healthy and beneficial to learning.  click here for more…